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Welcome to the Dragonfly platform!

Here, there are no models. Here, your motorcycle doesn’t become outdated. All upgrades and innovations will be adaptable to your Dragonfly regardless of the year you purchase it! Designing yours and customizing it to you has never been so easy in a trial bike

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Lighter, higher performance, 100% tailored to you.

You’ll be able to gradually enhance your Dragonfly according to your preferences or needs. Customize it to your personal taste, your driving style, or your physical condition. Discover a universe of options that will allow you to transform your Dragonfly into something truly special and unique.

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Define your style, your style defines you.

Your gear’s style also defines you as a rider! Wether you need it for a competition or for your everyday rides, we’ve got it. Explore all our collections and customize them however you like!

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Take care of your bike, take care of the planet.

Caring for your Dragonfly doesn’t conflict with caring for the planet anymore. There are no excuses to avoid environmental impact while riding a trial bike. Our products are designed to reduce the ecological footprint by using biodegradable and naturally sourced oils, eco-friendly greases, recyclable plastics, and ensuring precise amounts are used to minimize unnecessary waste. We strive to provide you a sustainable and environmentally respectful experience without compromising quality or performance.

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Reflect your personality.

What’s your style? Do you want one model for competition and another for training? Yes, we also offer you the option to customize the aesthetics of your Dragonfly. You can do it yourself or, if you preer, we can handle it for you. It will seem like you have a completely different bike!

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Enhance your trial experience.

You don’t know you need them until you discover them. We offer you a wide variety of accessories that will enhance the experience for both you and your bike, wether it’s during training, competition, or in the paddock.

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Spare parts


Click for your spare parts

Enter and discover all our references. You can easily select the part you need to replace and purchase it online.

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Dragonfly live

Don’t miss out on anything.

Want to improve your technique? Interested in learning how to do trial riding? Ready to race with us in a championship? Enter our experiences section, and you’ll see how regularly offer new activities to help elevate your skills. Race support, courses, clinics with our riders, championships, and much more!

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